[PROMOTION] 25% Off Sleeper and Sleeper Plus Fares on the Montréal–Halifax Train

VIA Rail just released another set of awesome promotions. You can get 25% off the Sleeper and Sleeper Plus fares on the Ocean (Montréal–Halifax train). You will need to make your reservation between June 17, 2015 and June 30, 2015, but travel between July 1, 2015 and September 30, 2015. Below are just some of the prices of one-way fares:

  • Montreal to Moncton – $236 (sleeper class), $254 (sleeper plus class)
  • Ste-Foy to Halifax – $218 (sleeper class), $236 (sleeper plus class)
  • Montréal to Halifax – $246  (sleeper class), $266 (sleeper plus class)
  • Montréal to Truro – $228  (sleeper class), $247 (sleeper plus class)
  • Montréal to Bathurst – $182  (sleeper class), $197 (sleeper plus class)

Those are some very reasonable prices. So if you have a trip in mind coming up, I would try to take advantage of these promotions.

Keep in mind that exchanges and refunds are subject to the conditions of the fare plan to which the discount is being applied.


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