[PROMOTION] 2,500 Petro-Points Sign Up Bonus Points (expired on June 17, 2014)

There is a current 2,500 Petro-Points sign up bonus points promotion with Discount Car & Truck Rental.

To qualify for the sign up bonus, your Petro-Points account number needs to start with ”7069”. There does not seem to be an expiry date on the promotion, so I would sign up for it as soon as possible to take advantage it the promotion while it is still around.

Gas prices have been going up quite a bit this past spring, leading into the summer time. Earning points that we can redeem for gas is a great way to help us alleviate our higher expenses.

Petro-Canada introduced a new 10 cents Fuel Savings Reward on June 17, 2014. You can now redeem 24,000 points for a reward card that will give you 10 cents off per litre spent at Petro-Canada gas stations. You will be able to reload your 10 cent card online for only 22,000 points. Remember to watch for double dipping opportunities when they have a promotion that reduces the number of points to redeem for the same reward.

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  1. I’ve tried many times to sign up and called with no help. I cannot sign up my petro card and the servcie person was of no help either. Do not email me if your of no help. Thank U

    1. Did you try doing it in person at one of the stations? If one cashier is not helpful, try another one or ask the manager.

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