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[PROMOTION] Starwood Preferred Guest Conversion Bonus to American Airlines (expired on July 31, 2014)

Starwood Preferrd Guest is offering a 20% bonus points conversion to American Airilines AAdvantage points. The promotion is good between July 1 and July 31, 2014. The promotion is already hard coded in the transfer, so you will not need to register to anything.

To give you an example of what you can earn.

Normally, you get 5,000 bonus points for every 20,000 Starpoints that you transfer to an airline partner. So 20,000 Starpoints normally nets you 25,000 AAdvantage points (20,000 + 5,000). Now you are getting a bonus 20% on top of the 25,000 AAdvantage ponits that you are transferring, which means another 5,000 points (25,000 x 20%). Which means, 20,000 Starpoints now earns you a grand total of 30,000 AAdvantage points.

There is no minimum Starpoint transfer requirement for Platinum Preferred Guest members. Gold Preferred Guest members have a minimum transfer requirement of 1,500 Starpoints, and Preferred Guest members have a minimum transfer requirement of 2,500 Starpoints.

I would say that this is a pretty good promotion if you have an American Airlines account and have a trip in mind to use the points. Keep in mind that American Airlines is a member of Oneworld alliance, so you can leverage your AAdvantage points on multiple airlines.

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