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[ANALYSIS] Rogers First Rewards

The Rogers First Rewards program is now in full swing, which was previously discussed. Today, I will focus on my experience with the rewards program and discuss some valuable reward options.

Keep in mind that you need to be a customer of Rogers of a specific product before you can redeem your points.

For instance, I currently have the Rogers Express Internet package. So I can use my points on to upgrade my Internet package. But I do not have a cellphone with Rogers, so I will not be able to use my points on cellphone related rewards.

I used 1,300 points to upgrade to the Extreme Internet package for 30 days. The redemption was so smooth. A few clicks within the rewards program and I was instantly upgraded. I even checked my online account and the upgrade went through instantaneously. Unfortunately, the Express and Extreme packages no longer exist for new customers. You would have to be an existing customer. Rogers now has Internet packages called Hybrid Fibre.

The rewards program does not cost anything to join. You earn 1 point for every $1 spent no Rogers products automatically. Just be sure to opt-in to the program. I only opted-in back in December 2013, but the program actually started in July 2013, so unfortunately, I missed out on a few months of points.

If you have a cellphone plan, they have several reward packages including long distance calls, long distance texts. These rewards are usually good for 1 month, so it is perfect if you plan on travelling and need a long distance plan to avoid roaming charges. Just be sure to fully understand the terms and conditions of the reward that you are redeeming for.

People with cable television also have an opportunity to upgrade their existing plans for a month. If you know that there will be a particular month that you will be in front of the television more, then you can use your points to give you a few additional channels.

After my personal experience, I would like to give Rogers a thumbs up on this rewards program. For sure there is still lots of room for improvement and it took a while for many of the glitches in the program to be worked out in the beginning. But things are starting to roll and I look forward to see further improvements to the program.

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