Rundown of Journie Rewards (March 14, 2023)

Chevron, Ultramar and Pioneer have teamed up to offer a loyalty program called Journie Rewards. The program allows members to earn points when spending money at their gas stations. Today, we will provide an update to our last post, as there have been a few changes since then.

Expiry Policy

There are two sets of rules in place.

First of all, in terms of earning points, points do not expire. What does expiry is once a reward is earned. Members have 60 days to redeem a reward earned. We will discuss the reward options later in this post.

Earning Rewards

Members can earn points on most purchases at the gas station, including gas, car wash and in-store merchandise purchases.

The exclusions are as follows: natural gas, alcohol in some provinces, tobacco purchases, gift cards, prepaid long-distance cards, prepaid cellular cards, bill payments, items that are excluded by law, and other items specified by Parkland as exclusions from time to time.

The best practice is to watch for bonus points opportunities, like multiplier bonuses on certain types of spending. Members can keep up with these offers by receive emails or tracking them on the Journie Rewards App.

Link CIBC cards for 3 cents off per litre

CIBC cardholders (debit or credit) can receive 3 cents off per litre by linking their CIBC cards. Note that even though the card is linked between Journie Rewards and CIBC, members still need to swipe their Journie Rewards card at the pump or at the station to earn points and receive the discount. Simply swiping the linked credit card is insufficient.

Redeem Rewards

Members earn rewards at certain three different thresholds. Below are the milestones:

  • Reach the 75 points mark and choose 1 reward (out of 3 options)
  • Reach the 150 points mark and choose 1 reward (out of 3 options)
  • Reach the 300 points mark and receive 7 cents off per litre on the next fill up.

At the 75 point and 150 point mark, the options usually include certain merchandise or bonus points. I always choose bonus points if the option is there.

After reaching the 300 point mark, it resets back to zero. So it is not a cumulative balance. To optimize the 7 cents off per litre on the next fill, best to run your tank down as low as possible as it only counts for the very next fill up only.


Personally, I really like the Journie Rewards program. It is fairly simple to use. Their rewards program may seem simple, but sometimes, simple is good!

Looking forward to see how else they will expand their program.


  1. My car only has a 50 litre gas tank and the 7 cent discount is for 100 litres. Does the 7 cent discount carry forward until I have filled the 100 litres or do I lose those litres?

    1. Hey Karin, there should be a button on the App where you can switch on and off the reward so that you can decide when to use the discount. That way you can control when to fill up. But it’s still just one time use, so if you only use 50 out of the 100, you cannot carry forward the leftover. I have a 40 litre tank so I’m going for the 300 Aeroplan points instead.

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