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Saturday Updates (Avion to Avios, Petro-Canada)

It is Saturday again, so we have another round of updates.

Petro-Points Redemption Discount for Fuel Savings Card

Petro Canada is offering 25% off reloading its Fuel Savings Card; however, we have scene a 50% off bonus before, but that was over a year ago. So I highly doubt we will be seeing the 50% bonus promotion any time soon.

This card gives you a discount on the price per litre. There is a 5 cent and a 10 cent card. Normally you need 12,000 points for a 5 cent Fuel Savings Card, but now you only need 9,000 points. Also, normally you only need 24,000 points for a 10 cent Fuel Savings Card, but now you only need 18,000 points.

RBC Avion Transfer Bonus to Avios

RBC Rewards (Avion points) is offering a conversion bonus of 30% from Avion to British Airways’ Executive Club for Avios. The promotion is valid between conversions made between November 1, 2015 and December 15, 2015. Normally it is a 1:1 conversion ratio, with a minimum of 10,000 Avion points. With this offer, you will receive 13,000 Avios for 10,000 Avion points.

Generally you will see this promotion about twice a year, and usually a 50% promotion. With this drop, I can’t see the promotion going back up to 50% any time soon. We will see what happens 6 months later. Here’s hoping that there will be any promotion at all.

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