Best Buy Reward Zone

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Merry Christmas! Shopping Tips 2013

Safe travels and enjoy the holidays! Thank you for all those who took the time to read our blog and giving us new ideas on what to write about. We are definitely always looking for new ideas, so feel free to leave a comment.

Since today all the stores are closed and tomorrow is Boxing Day, I will take this opportunity to give a few shopping tips and mention a few promotions to look out for tomorrow.


[ANALYSIS] Best Buy Reward Zone

Black Friday may have passed in the United States, but Boxing Day is coming up in Canada and Best Buy is definitely one of the stores that customers like to go on that day. So it would only be fitting to write about the Best Buy Reward Zone program.

We previously gave a warning about the Chase Best Buy Reward Zone Visa about how they are the only Chase Canada credit card that does not waive its foreign transaction fee (granted there is no annual fee on this credit card). However, it would also be useful to break down the program to see how much value you can get.