Top Reasons to go on Road Trips (updated January 23, 2016)

In the world of earning miles and points, we mostly think of travelling by plane and staying at hotels. However, the are also lots of positive in taking road trips instead. Below are some of my top reasons for taking a road trip.

1) 100% Flexibility

Once you hit the road, there are no schedules to follow, other than the one you create yourself, which can even be a spontaneous timetable because you have all the control over your mode of transportation.

You can take breaks on your terms to see as many attractions as you would like so that the trip is more enjoyable and relaxing for everyone. Driving long distances may seem like a waste of time, as opposed to air travel, but I would say that depends on who you spend the time with.

2) Quality Time

Road trips will feel like a waste of time if you do not enjoy your company. Though I would conversely say that this time together is probably the most valuable aspect of a road trip. You can spend a lot of quality time with those who are close to you. Generally in cars, you will end up speaking to each other much than just spending time in transit by being on a tablet, watching a screen on the plane or simply constantly on your smartphone to pass the time. A road trips really creates the chance to get to know someone well if you utilize the time accordingly.

Life is busy and stressful. Road trips allows us to literally unplug and focus on connecting people close to us. The reason it is easier to unplug in a car is because you are in a confined space and you want to help keep the driver awake, so you are encouraged to interact with each other on a fun level.  This is a great time to share stories and to blast music without having to worry about disturbing strangers around you.

3) Cost Effective

The price of gas has really come down lately, so if you want to actually save on fuel, savings on a road trip will show more on your current bill than paying for an airfare.

Travelling with a small family can get very expensive for some people, especially when paying with cash. It will also take time to accumulate enough miles and points to redeem for a whole family, as it is more difficult for kids under 18 to accumulate their own miles and points. I’m not saying to replace air travel altogether. You can do this in combination with each other by going on more than 1 trip per year!

You can always get a little creative with road trips by leaving work early on a Friday and coming back Monday night during a long weekend. Or better yet, take the Tuesday off, to avoid the rush.

Even if you want to travel with a group of friends. You may not all have enough money to travel to the same desired destinations. In realize, is the destination more important or the journey with certain people? If it is the journey, then why not just hop in a car, open a map, split the gas costs and take turns picking which places to hit. If you are good friends, this will strengthen your bond.

Also keep in mind that by using our personal vehicle, we eliminate the costs of renting a vehicle and adding auto insurance. By saving on transportation costs, you can channel more energy towards earning hotels points to pay for logging during your trip. What’s great about a road trip is that you can be flexible and stay in more remote hotels to reduce your cost. Just plan your route accordingly to optimize this opportunity.

Furthermore, speaking of more remote locations, you can also take advantage of eating at numerous roadside diners and cafés at much more affordable prices. You can taken it a step further and keep a cooler in your trunk so that you can pack food along the way to keep the cost even lower. Just remember to refreeze your ice packs at your hotel or motel, or wherever you are staying.

4) Still Earn Miles and Points

You can still earn some decent miles and points on all your purchases along the way. Be sure to find a credit card that earns a multiplier on gas and restaurant purchases, as well as a strong hotel credit card. I would also do lots of researching on building a strong hotel points portfolio by taking advantage of bonus offers and price promotions to help reduce the cost of logging.

Enjoy the open road!

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