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Unlimited VIA Rail Travel Across Canada for Only $150

VIA Rail is offering an unlimited travel pass for $150 for the entire month of July, 2017 for any travel across the country. This is an unbelievable deal. Let’s recap, $150 for unlimited train travel across the VIA Rail network!

Travel Across the Country Twice

This is your chance to go from Halifax to Vancouver and back! Twice over if you missed something along the way. But realistically, let’s say you live in Winnipeg, you can break it up into the following:

  • Winnipeg to Halifax
  • Halifax to Vancouver
  • Vancouver to Winnipeg

You basically get to see everything twice! Just remember that you only have 31 days (valid July 1, 2017 to July 31, 2017) to squeeze the entire trip.

Terms and Conditions

Now the catch. You do need to be between the ages of 12 to 25 years old, which is why it is called the Canada 150 Youth Pass. This is for Economy class travel only, where you also need to select the Escape fare when booking online. This means that the seats will be limited, so book early!

UPDATE- Also note that students over the age of 25 that are full-time students with a valid International Student Identification Card can also purchase the Youth Pass. 


As you already know, travelling by train is my favourite way to commute. So if I was 25 years or younger, I would be purchasing this pass, and I would be telling my family that I will not be getting off the train for an entire month!

On a more serious note. There is no mode of transportation that is reasonably affordable to travel across the country. Let’s face it, $150 of gas may only get you from Calgary to Saskatoon? Who knows when we will ever see another such offer. If you have the ability to make this happen, then go for it!

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