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Walmart Bank Not Willing to Reverse Fraudulent Charges

As if their credit card was not competitive enough, in terms of benefits, they are denying a Winnipeg couple reimbursements of $6,600 in fraudulent charges.

Basically, the couple was in Mexico, and their credit card and PIN were stolen. The PIN was probably stolen through a hidden pinhole camera at an ATM.

Walmart’s defence for not reimbursing is that because the criminal knew the PIN number, it does not count as a fraudulent transaction. Is it justified?

Walmart Credit Card Agreement

If you look at Walmart’s credit card agreement, clause 16.4 says:

  • You will be responsible for transactions that occur under either of the following circumstances, unless you prove to us that you took reasonable precautions to protect and safeguard your Card and your PIN from becoming available or accessible to another person, but that despite having taken such precautions, your Card and your PIN or other security code were stolen or fraudulently obtained by an unauthorized person:
    • if your Card is used at an ABM in conjunction with your PIN, you will be responsible for the full amount of any such charges to your account before we receive notice from you that your Card has been lost or stolen; or
    • if your Card is lost or stolen and is used to obtain a Cash Advance other than at an ABM, you will be responsible for the amount of such charges to your account before we receive notice from you that your Card was lost or stolen, up to a maximum of $50

Seems like Walmart is well within their credit card agreement.


I hate to say it, but if you do not agree with their policy, then cancel their card or never sign up. Personally, I do not have this credit card and will continue to avoid it.

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