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Whether we can Transfer CIBC Aventura Points to Aeroplan Miles

This has been a frequently asked questions, which I have answered before, but I thought I’d give an update. The question is whether Aventura accounts holders are still permitted to transfer their points to Aeroplan miles. The short answer is yes, so long as you opened your Aventura Rewards account prior to October 1, 2013.

Sign Up Date

For anyone who has opened an Aventura account after October 1, 2013, you will no longer be able to transfer your Aventura points to Aeroplan miles. So if you already have an account opened before, I consistently take advantage of this option, I would keep the Aventura account opened for as long as possible.

Appropriate Credit Card

To have an Aventura account, all you really need is to have a valid credit card. The following credit cards are applicable:

  • CIBC Aventura World Elite MasterCard
  • CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite
  • CIBC Aventura Gold Visa

Keep in mind that the CIBC Aventura World Elite MasterCard has been discontinued, so this applies to grandfathered cardholders. Also note that there are several first year fee waived promotions offered by CIBC Aventura credit cards that expire on June 30, 2016.

How the Conversion Works

Aventura points are converted to Aeroplan miles at 1 to 1 ratio at a 10,000 point increment. So it can take a while to earn enough points to transfer. Unfortunately, you may have noticed that Aventura has not been participating in the bonus promotions, so no double dipping opportunities.

What I would like to See

As I have mentioned throughout the blog, transferable points are the most valuable points currency. I don’t mind that Aventura discounted its relationship with Aeroplan, but I would like to see some replacements, similar to the RBC Avion or American Express Membership Rewards programs.

So it would be great if they can team up with any hotel loyalty program or frequent flyer program. It doesn’t even matter which program to start with, because ideally there would have several trading partners to work with. My recommendation to CIBC Aventura would be to start teaming up with whoever you can first, then work your ways towards more the other partners.

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