Who is Easy Award Booking?

Today we are featuring Alex, our friend from Easy Award Booking (NO LONGER ACTIVE), who is being interviewed. Now you get the chance to know him a little better as well as how his award booking website works!

What inspired you to start your website?

Hi! I started my site after helping family and friends with their flights. I enjoyed it so much a close friend of mine told me. You enjoy this so much, why don’t you start your own site. A cliche but a true story.

What makes your website different from others out there?

Probably the fact I spend so much time understanding my clients needs instead of just providing them options. Of course I have some rushed clients where I have to finalize everything within a few hours. However it is not uncommon to exchange close to 100 emails!

I love what I do. I receive holiday snap shots and post cards from my clients. I always treat my clients how I would want to be treated. To hear the news that I made this once in a life time trip perfect for them is music to my ears!

I do not have pictures of First Class seats on my site. Why? Because not everyone has the points accessible to fly First Class. I recently flew on both Air New Zealand Economy. I loved it! Singapore Airlines Economy is great as well! I would fly then any day over other Airlines in Business.

I believe that travelling is to get from A-B, however there is always that perfect flight whether you fly in Economy or First Class.

Easy Award Booking - New Zealand KayakThe most beautiful beach I know of: Abel Tasman, New Zealand

What were some of the challenges you faced when starting Easy Award Booking?

Honestly? Competition. There are now around 20 companies who do what I do. This number is growing every month.

Why is your website service valuable to your clients?

Because I take the time to really understand their needs. Also I respond very fast. They are convinced I do not sleep!

Can you share a tip or trick that you’ve use for travel?

Treat others how you wish to be treated. Learn and dive into the culture. If someone says it cannot be done then find a way.

When experiencing a new country with a different language, learn a few words: Thank you, Please It will go further than you think 😉

In terms of points, Book ahead. Start thinking 1 year ahead. I already have some clients speaking to me about summer 2016! You will never be too early. Also airlines always release a lot of seats around 15 days prior to travel!

If you can go anywhere in the world, where would it be and what will you be doing?

I just spent New Years in Sydney. If I could take a flight tomorrow it would be Singapore First Class back to Australia.

I also just spent 3 nights in Chicago, which is a great city as well!

Easy Award Booking - Sydney OperaSydney New Year 2015!

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I am not sure I am that fun! However others will disagree. I use to be walking tour guide working on tips only!

Easy Award Booking - AlexCinque Terre, Italy , Yes it is that beautiful!

What advice would you give travellers and “Pointshoggers” out there?

Flying can sometimes be the most stressful part of travelling. My advice go for quality over quantity. Do not fly 40 hours just to fly on one airline. If it is your dream we will make it happen, however sometimes the best flights are just getting you to your vacation. Not everyone has unlimited vacation and so quality is much more important than quantity. I think I am repeating myself now!

Any final thoughts?

Enjoy life! Travel as much as you can, everything is possible!

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