[INTERVIEW] Who is GetMyBoat?

Today we have the pleasure of adding to our interview series with Marketing Manager, Val Streif, of GetMyBoat. Today, she will share with us what their service is about and what to look forward to. I’ll say this, depending on which part of the country you live in, I am sure that some of us are getting a little tired of winter. So it does not hurt to hear about what summer fun we can look forward to. Thank you Val for taking the the to answer our questions!

Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Val Streif and I am the Marketing Manager for GetMyBoat. I’ve worked at the company since 2017, managing marketing campaigns, PR campaigns, and social media.

What is GetMyBoat about?

GetMyBoat is a peer-to-peer boat rental platform. Our mission is to open up the world of boating for both renters and owners. Boating enthusiasts get the benefits of worldwide inventory without the cost or headache of ownership. And as the average boat is only used 8% of the year, boat owners get the chance to make owning a boat more affordable by earning some income from their under-utilized asset.

What would you like Canadians, specifically to benefit the most from your service?

Canadians can benefit significantly from our platform, both on the renter and the owner side. The majority of Canadians live near the water, whether it be on a coast or a lake, and thousands are boat owners or boating enthusiasts. Our platform can help boat owners from Vancouver to Nova Scotia rent out their boats when they aren’t using them, effectively turning them into a source of cash. Canadian boating lovers who don’t own their own watercraft can use the platform to rent boats as well as book experiences like whale watching, kayak tours, and much more. We want to expand more into Canada – helping more boat owners earn money, while also helping people get out and enjoy the stunning natural beauty of Canada’s landscapes from the perspective of the water.

What can we look forward to with GetMyBoat?

GetMyBoat is helping summer-lovers look forward to the amazing adventures they can have once the temperatures warm up. It’s not too early to start searching boat rental options or finding fun excursions to do, whether it be during your travels through Canada or in your own backyard.

What advice would you give travelers and “Pointshoggers” out there?

My advice to travelers and Pointshoggers would be to not be afraid to use the sharing economy during your travels. Just like how Airbnb has helped thousands of people feel at home in a new place and helped people create lifelong friendships (I have LOTS of personal stories regarding that) GetMyBoat can help people connect with boat owners and captains in their communities, building trust and new relationships. We have many renters who reserve a certain boat through an owner, again and again, enjoying all the joys of boating without committing to owning the watercraft.

Any closing thoughts?

My final thoughts would be to start looking now! Even though we are all freezing up here in the northland (I am from Minnesota, so I get it!) summer will arrive sooner than we think. Take advantage of your weekends, Canada Day, and other days off and get out and enjoy the sunshine. Life is short – go boat and make waves!

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