[INTERVIEW] Who is Jettly?

Today we feature the founder of Jettly, Justin Crabbe, on our increasing popular interview series to talk about what their exciting service is about! Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule Justin. Thanks!

Q1: Please tell us about yourself. Why did you found Jettly?

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I’m a pilot and an entrepreneur and flying out of local airports I noticed there were inconsistencies in the way that charter operators booked flights and realized it could be digitized. These local operators are quite small in a lot of cases and may only have 1-2 pilots and 1-2 aircraft in their fleet. Sometimes the pilot who’s flying the plane may also be in charge of picking up the phone for new business coming in. Jettly was created as a digital way to search for a private aircraft, obtain a quote, and book the flight, all within a convenient mobile app just like you would with Expedia.

Q2: Please tell us about Jettly works?

You log in to the app, select where you want to go and where you’re departing from, how many seats you need and the date you wish to travel, and the request goes out to a number of pilots and air operators in the area. Those pilots and air operators will check their schedules and if they have an aircraft available they’ll upload a firm quote for the trip usually within 30 minutes or so. From there you can check out all online and book the flight.

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Q3: What makes you different from other private jet companies?

Most private jet operators work out of local airports and as a customer, you’d need to call 2-3 different operators at each airport, wait for responses and quotes, upload and scan documents, and continue through the booking process in a non-digitized and heavily-antiquated way. With Jettly, everything is connected to one central system and you simply log in to the app, submit a request, wait for notifications on your phone to appear, and if you like something, you’re able to book it right then and there. Your flight is guaranteed at that very moment.

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Q4: What would you recommend Canadians, specifically, to pay closer attention to?

Pay close attention to our empty leg listings. With empty legs, you can save up to 75% of the cost of a standard full-price air charter and the whole aircraft is still yours. Let’s say that we have a client in Montreal but an aircraft stationed in Toronto. The pilot would fly his aircraft from Toronto to Montreal without any passengers to pick up the passenger in Montreal. When the aircraft is flying empty, this is known as an empty leg flight, and usually, pilots and air operators will take anything they can get for these legs because they’ve got to fly the aircraft to pick up their client anyways. This is how Canadians can really save and experience the benefits and luxury of private travel at the same time.

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Q5: What can we look forward to in the near or medium future with Jettly?

We hope to put in scheduled routes between key cities within Canada and allow passengers to purchase a ticket for a seat onboard the private jet. This preserves the convenience and luxury factors of private air travel and reduces the cost because you’re sharing the cost of the private jet with the number of passengers on board the aircraft. We hope that under this model we can sell single-seat tickets at first-class commercial rates and essentially become a small first-class only airline.

Q6: On a more general note, what advice would you give travelers and “Pointshoggers” out there?

There are ways that travelers can experience private jet flights at more affordable (up to 75% off the full-price charter) if you know where to look.

Q7: Thank you for your time, do you have any closing thoughts?

Keep on pointshoggin!

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