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I always wonder, with so many booking services out there, wouldn’t that add to the competition? Seems like the number of people travelling is increasing just as quickly, so I find that the demand and supply stays fairly balanced, which is why we may not see much of a decline in hotel prices.

That being said, I was recently introduced to a site called Club1Hotels, who is looking to compete against all the other hotel booking sites with more competitive rates. They also offer car rentals, as well as tours and activities. I am very happy to see some added competition to the market, and they have an interesting business model.

1-Year Beta Testing Free Membership

The catch is that they do charge a $675 membership fee to join. There is currently a free 1-year Beta membership with limited members (which I signed up for). So if you want in, sign up now while you still can. It took some time to understand their business model, and like Pizza in Motion stated, their business model is very similar to the Costco one. You pay a membership fee so that you can gain access to cheaper prices. So this would make sense if you are purchasing in bulk (i.e. have lots of stays throughout the year to help justify the $675 annual fee).

Though keep in mind that just like Costco, they do not always offer the cheapest price on the entirety of the market. So don’t expect this to be a perfect model. But I do see some potential. 

I search for the Shangri-La Hotel in Vancouver, and these are the results. I think you will find some fair prices:

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Giveaway Details

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  • Leave a comment on the Facebook post with which hotel on Club1Hotels you’d spend the $250.
  • The contest period will run from October 8, 2016 to October 16, 2016 at 11:59pm PST.
  • The winner of the $250 statement credit will be chosen at random.
  • The winner will have 1 week to respond to our Facebook private message notifying of the prize. Otherwise the prize will be forfeit and made available to another reader.
  • Club1Hotels will be solely responsible for providing prize to winner.

So, which hotel would you spend the $250? (Please respond on our Facebook page only to qualify)

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