Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for…

Just in case there is a confusion, this is the Canadian Thanksgiving. That being said, let’s continue our yearly (20152014) Thanksgiving theme. It is very easy to be dome and gloom in this industry. So this time, I will focus purely on the positives of the loyalty rewards world.

1) Thank you for reward programs. Such programs have greatly reduced my expenses every year so that I have more disposable cash flow towards other necessary things. Loyalty programs reward whose who really understand the ins and outs of their systems. Personally, I feel that I have been well “rewarded”, so I plan to continue!

2) Thank you for credit card sign up bonuses. So far, 2016 really has been the year of the credit cards, replacing 2013. Sign up bonuses really help accelerate accumulation of miles and points. Without such offers, I don’t know if this would be as big of a hobby of mine. We were due for a big year and credit card companies delivered nicely in the first half of the year. Let’s close out the year strong as well!

3) Thank you for transfer bonuses. Transfer bonuses by American Express and RBC Rewards in 2016 gave me a nice boost to my British Airways Executive Club account. Timing these transfer bonuses can be a pain, but they are worth it once it’s done. It can feel like hard work earning every point, so being rewarded with transfer bonuses is such a nice gift. I treat these bonus offers like a customer appreciation. Let’s continue to see more!

4) Thank you for survey programs. Survey programs are so much fun to me. I guess because in our world today, we are constantly waiting for something or someone. Survey programs are my favourite way to pass the time because I get to earn more miles and points while waiting. It really takes the sting out of waiting and makes the time go by faster.

5) Thank you for shopping portals. As online shopping becomes increasingly popular, as more people grow comfortable with it, it is nice to know that there are ways to earn more points through shopping portals. Just be sure to watch for double dipping opportunities.

I hope that everyone had a great long weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving!

p.s. What are you most thankful for? Please share in the comment section below.

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