Aeroplan added as a E-Rewards Transfer Partner

I know that I have been writing about Aeroplan quite frequently lately, but it does seem like they are making a big effort to increase their presence.

When I logged into my E-Rewards account today, I noticed that Aeroplan is now a transfer partner:

a screenshot of a website

Granted, those are extremely weak transfer ratios, especially compared to United Airlines (MileagePlus) or American Airlines (AAdvantage) where

  • $25 = 500 miles
  • $50 = 1,000 miles
  • $100 = 2,000 miles

For now, at least there is an option to transfer to Aeroplan and it may only really make sense to use this option if you are trying to top up for a specific upcoming reward redemption.

I have already written extensively about E-Rewards, which you can read about in its own section. Note that E-Rewards has become an invite only survey program.


  1. I’ve got about $325 in E-rewards right now. I thought I would keep them to top up some partners before points/miles were to expire but now I think I should redeemed them. Indeed the Aeroplan redemtion levels are ridiculous and there is no way I’ll do that. Considering in am not lloking for a reward in particular right now what would you recommend as best value between Air carriers. Iberia will give 3000 Avios for $100 and Alaska 2000 miles. Is it as simple as that when you choose what rewards give you best value or is there more to it then that ? Or should I consider getting IHG points or another hotel chain as better value ?

    1. Unless you plan to shut down your E-Rewards account or believe that your will lose your Dollars, I would leave them in flexible format and continue to top up specific reward programs on a needs basis.

      You get the best value when you can actually use the miles and points for something that you want.

  2. I wouldn’t leave them in there. There are dozens of shut down reports involving e-rewards on flyertalk with little chance of the customer getting the points back and lackluster customer service. I would clean out those accounts and only keep a minimal amount in there. Doesn’t seem to be trustworthy like a bank or credit card company that has legitimate customer service. . . my humble opinion.

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