Aeroplan Extends Cancellation and Miles Expiry Policies

Aeroplan’s current expiry policy was coming to an end on April 30, 2020. But they just announced an extension.

Cancelling Aeroplan Reward Flight

The current cancellation policy is being extended to June 30, 2020. That means that members can cancel their reward flights free of charge and receive all of their Aeroplan Miles back in their account, plus a full refund of any associated taxes, fees and surcharges.

Extension of Temporary Pause of Aeroplan Miles Expiry

Existing Aeroplan miles that were set to expire before May 14, 2020 were temporarily paused. Now the extension is set until June 29, 2020. So because now and June 29, 2020, you will not lose any Aeroplan miles that were going to expire. So be sure to have some activity before then, which will reset your account expiry by 12 months.

Can Still Fast Track Elite Status

Keep in mind that Aeroplan is still giving us the opportunity to fast track Air Canada elite status with more earning options before May 31, 2020.


I have been hearing a lot of buzz about people fearing that Air Canada or Aeroplan is going to go bankrupt and that we will lose all our miles. Here’s my thought. If they offer such a generous cancellation policy, I think they might survive this!

For now, if you have an upcoming flight before June 30, 2020 and do not want to fly, now is your chance to cancel it so you can save your miles for another trip!

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