Aeroplan Members now have Access to Star Partner Locator

When selecting seats on an Aeroplan reward flight, members now have access to the Star Alliance partner site online. This feature eliminates the need to call the Aeroplan Contact Centre to select seats when flying on a Star Alliance carrier. Instead, members can now go directly to the Star Alliance carrier site using the Star Alliance record locator to select their seat.

a screenshot of a computer

This is a nice feature to add online, but it may all be for nothing if they really do end their relationship with Air Canada in 2020.

I really hope that Aeroplan has something up their sleeves or working on a new contract to save their brand. Aeroplan recently suspended their dividend payouts, which may be a precautionary move, but it also tells me that they are preparing for the worse. I will definitely be watching the news closely to see how things develop.

What would you like Aeroplan do without Air Canada?

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