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Aeroplan Renews Rocketmiles Partnership

Let’s face it, after a slew of bad news for Aeroplan, they could use some good news. Aeroplan announced the renewal of a multi-year agreement with Rocketmiles. Rocketmiles is a third party hotel booking that allows you to earn miles for bookings. This partnership means that Aeroplan members can continue to earn a minimum of 1,000 miles and up to 10,000 miles per night. Note that Rocketmiles has more than 400,000 hotels in their portfolio to choose from.


There is currently a promotion for NEW members, who can earn 50% bonus miles for the first booking made before June 30, 2018. That means members can earn up to 15,000 miles per night. So if you have several trips coming up, I suggest booking the trips with the most consecutive nights in a row to maximize the number of miles that you can earn!


As unpopular as Aeroplan currently is with many people, I still believe that they still have value. That is until June 2020, in which the jury is still out on that one. It is unfortunate for them that their partnership with Air Canada is coming to an end. But when one door closes, they should be looking for another door to open.

For now, I remain optimistic that they will find a way to generate new partnerships and keep things going post-Air Canada era. I say this because if they do not, they will probably be heading in the direction of bankruptcy or being bought out completely.

Bankruptcy does not help anyone. But maybe being bought out is not a bad idea. Either way, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. In the meantime, I recommend business as usual with Aeroplan, which means earn and burn as long as you are still getting value!

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