Air Canada Customer Loyalty deemed as Top Notch

According to the 2015 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, Air Canada has been deemed as the top airline for providing customer service to its flyers. The survey for this year consisted of 36,605 participants situated in the U.S. and Canada and between the ages of 18 to 65.

Participants were to rate a brand based on their ability to exceed customer’s expectations, as well as their competition. Air Canada stated that emotional values played a big role in strengthening customer service and engagement. They have also been making improvements in providing world class products and services to their flyers in hopes to promote a positive travel experience.

Not only were they recognized as the leader of customer loyalty, Air Canada has also been deemed the Best Airline in North America by Skytrax’s 2014 World Airline Awards. Personally, this is a great honour for me as I love flying Air Canada and I love their loyalty program. With hundreds of affiliated airlines, you can fly almost anywhere in the world under Aeroplan.

On a final note, Maple Leaf lounges provided by Air Canada are located at all major airports across Canada giving you a premium quality level of service. Over the years, Air Canada has been working diligently to add products and services for their flyers in order to provide them with comfortable travel. It is great to see their success has been identified all over the world!

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