Air Canada Renews Partnership with American Express

Air Canada and American Express Canada have come to a new agreement to renew and expand their partnership. The plan is for American Express to continue beyond 2020 when Air Canada launches their new loyalty program, as this is a new 10-year deal.

If you read the news release closely there are some hints to some positive news.

Continued existing relationship

Below are items that will rollover from the current partnership with Aeroplan.

  • Membership Rewards customers in Canada and the US will be able to transfer their points into Air Canada’s new loyalty program once it has rolled out.
  • Transfer at a 1:1 rate

Hints of what is to come

Some exciting wording on what is to come.

  • creation of new co-branded payment cards
  • expanded commercial cooperation
  • premium customer experience

America Express currently already offers 4 different co-branded cards that cover a wide variety:

  1. American Express AeroplanPlus Card ($60 annual fee)
  2. American Express AeroplanPlus Gold Card ($120 annual fee)
  3. American Express AeroplanPlus Platinum Card ($499 annual fee)
  4. American Express AeroplanPlus Reserve Card ($899 annual fee)

Curious to know what more they will offer. Unless they plan to re-brand the cards?

Vague initiatives

Some other initiatives that are a little more vague:

  • digital integration
  • member analytics
  • incremental partnership opportunities


Either way, I am happy to see an extension of their partnership and looking forward to what American Express has to offer.

What would you like to see American Express do based on what they are previewing in their news release? Please let us know in the comment section below!


  1. You can expect a new luxury card that will gain access to the Signature Suite Lounge @YYZ provided you used the card as payment for the ticket and yes it will include award tickets.

    You will also see preferred award pricing for cardholders.

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