Air Canada’s Aeroplan and Journie Rewards Team Up

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Air Canada’s frequently flyer program Aeroplan has teamed up with Parkland’s Journie Rewards program. Parkland operates gas stations from Ultramar, Chevron, Pioneer, Fas Gas, ON the RUN and Marché Express, which accounts for 1,100 locations Canada-wide.

If you logged into your Journie Rewards account, you will need to link your profile to your Aeroplan to benefit from this team up.

Earn Aeroplan with Journie Rewards

Once the Aeroplan account is linked, Journie Rewards members can benefit from the following:

  • Earn 1 Aeroplan point per litre of fuel purchase
  • Earn 2 Aeroplan points for every $1 spent on eligible convenience store purchases
  • Earn 300 Aeroplan points for every 300-point Journie Rewards tier

Reward Options

Going forward, we can use Aeroplan points to redeem for various rewards at Parkland branded gas stations.

Below are some possible reward options:

  • Ability to redeem 300 Aeroplan points for a $0.07 off per litre voucher for a single fill-up (up to 50 litres) (can stack up the 5 vouchers for $0.35 off per litre)
  • Ability to redeem 500 Aeroplan points for a $5 in-store purchase vouchers
  • Ability to redeem 1,100 Aeroplan points for an Absolutely Everything Car Wash
  • Ability to redeem 1,200 Aeroplan points for a Premium Car Wash

Keep in mind that we can continue to receive $0.03 off per litre when using our Journie Rewards linked CIBC credit card.


Personally, I really like this move by Journie Rewards to team up with Aeroplan. It is always nice to have more options to earn Aeroplan points. On the flip side of making Aeroplan more attractive, it does make them very top heavy in terms of top rewards programs in Canada.


  1. Just filled up after reaching 300 points. I received the 300 aeroplane points but no longer get the automatic 7 cents per litre discount. Not a great trade off in my view as the 300 aeroplane points can be redeemed for 7 cents per litre to a maximum of 50 litres. The old discount was 7 cents per litre to a maximum of 100 litres.

    1. That is a good way to calculate it. Maybe better off not linking to Aeroplan in your case. Stick with the original program. Personally I am keeping the Aeroplan points for flights instead of redeeming for gas discount.

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