Air Miles Launches “Rewarding Canadians Everyday” and “Summer Giveaway”

Air Miles has been trying to elevate its game this summer. To be fair, I think that this is their chance to shine, with the travel industry down. Air Miles is more diversified in its reward options. Today, they are launching two new initiatives.

Rewarding Canadians

Air Miles unveiled a new brand platform today called Rewarding Canadians, every day. Rewarding Canadians features Collectors experiencing moments of reward. At the very least, I think that this is a good reminder for everyone to redeem their miles for something that is worthwhile.

Here is the video to get the ball rolling:

Basically, collectors get about 2 seconds each to share their redemption experience across Canada.

Summer Giveaway

Furthermore, BMO Air Miles credit cardholders have a chance to win a prize through the Summer Giveaway that runs from today, July 20, 2020 to August 9, 2020. The prizes include:

  • 1 Grand Prize of 100,000 Miles
  • 100 Prizes (25 per region) of 10,000 Miles each
  • 200 Prizes (50 per region) of 5,000 Miles each (BMO AIR MILES Credit Card Cardholders only)

You do have to opt in for a chance to win, it is not automatic. Every mile that you earn gives you an additional chance to win a prize.

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