Air Miles Teams up with Kids Help Phone and Food Banks Canada

If you have been looking for a way to give back but may not want to give away your hard earned cash, especially for anyone who is tight on money, there is an opportunity with Air Miles.

Earning rewards can be used on yourself, but they can also be a currency to use to donate to give back.

How to Donate to Kids Help Phone

Air Mile collectors have the option to donate a minimum of 500 Dream Miles to Kids Help Phone. Furthermore, for every 500 miles donated, Air Miles is pledging $50 cash to Kids Help Phone or Food Banks Canada (up to $500,000 in donations)

If you were wondering, a tax receipt for each donation will be emailed within 90 days from Kids Help Phone or Food Banks Canada.

Kids Help Phone’s Never Dance Alone-a-thon

This Sunday May 31, 2020 (3pm – 4pm EST), there will be a virtual event on Facebook Live that celebrates the Kids Help Phone’s Never Dance Alone-a-thon. The event will feature:

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