[AIRPORT] Options for Flights to Frankfurt

Today, we continue our multi-part series on direct routes flying out of Canada to certain hot spots. There are situations where a connection flight may make more sense, in terms of costs. Also, depending on where you live in Canada, different routes may apply. For the purposes of this series, it will have an emphasis on direct routes.

The Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is consistently ranked one of the busiest airports in the world, in terms of yearly passenger volume. So it only makes sense that Frankfurt acts sort of like a transfer hub for Canadians to get to the rest of Europe. As a result, there are several significant direct flight options to Frankfurt, Germany including an impressive flight to and from one of the territories.

Below is a list of the direct flights:

  • Air Canada – Calgary, Montréal, Toronto
  • Air Canada (Seasonal) – Ottawa
  • Condor (Seasonal) – Calgary, Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver, Whitehorse
  • Lufthansa – Toronto, Vancouver
  • Lufthansa (Seasonal) – Montréal

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