Two Airports Pay Millions for Longer Wait Times

CBC published an article about how wait times for passengers at airport security have grown so long that at least two major airports (Toronto and Vancouver) are paying millions of dollars for extra officers to help reduce the lineups. The article goes on to say that the current Canadian government cut another $10 million to the passenger screening budget.

Basically, what I am understanding is that either the government has to pay for extra security, or the airports need to pay the government to hire extra security. 

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Hotels Attached to Canadian Airport Terminals

Location is pretty much the biggest advantage of such hotels of an airport hotel. As you know, Canada can get pretty cold in the winter. So if you happen to have a layover in a Canadian airport and don’t feel like leaving the airport (so that you don’t have to pack a winter jacket), then these airports are the most optimal for such situations. Especially if you have a layover for 10 hours or less that goes overnight when airport lounges are closed.