Pedestrian Tunnel to Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is Now Open

The underwater pedestrian tunnel to the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is finally opened on July 30, 2015, after a slew of construction delays. Construction of the tunnel began back in 2012 and was slated to be completed in the fall of 2014.

Final tally:

  • Cost: $82.5 million
  • Length of the tunnel: 240 metres
  • Depth underground: 30 metres
  • Layout: 4 moving sidewalks
  • Speed: 2.3 kilometres an hour
  • Travel time: 6 minutes

This may seem like one of those cost overrun construction projects, but I believe that it will pay off in the long run. In the past, passengers were suppose to wait every 15 minutes for a 90 second ferry that travels to and from the island. The tunnel is a 6 minute walk instead.

Travelling can always be a headache because so many things can go wrong, so I am always happy to see different means to increase accessibility to an airport. Toronto is still a growing city, so the traffic to and from the airport will only continue to grow. So having this option definitely helps.

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