[ANALYSIS] VIPorter Expiry Policy

Porter Airlines has a loyalty points program called VIPorter. Every time you fly with Porter Airlines, you can earn points, depending on which flight that you book. You earn:

  • 375 points = Firm Class (one-way flight)
  • 750 points = Flexible Class (one-way flight)
  • 1500 points = Freedom Class (one-way flight)

One way reward tickets are 7,500 points for any flight. VIPorter is one of the most straightforward points program out there.

The big blemish with VIPorter is its expiry policy, which I have been trying to wrap my head around to understand. Porter Airlines advertises with the following phrases about their customer service:

  • “Friendly faces to help your trip”
  • “With our service, the sky’s the limit”
  • “Impeccable and innovative service”

Here is what I don’t understand. Right now, all points expire after 4 years from their earning date. How is that customer friendly?

I find that Porter Airlines offers a similar approach to Southwest Airlines. Both focus on giving great customer service. The actual way they approach customer service is very different, but it is the same philosophy. Basically Porter Airlines has a more up scale approach, while Southwest Airlines has a more every day Joe friendly approach. I believe that both has its own charm, so I wouldn’t say one is better than the other because it is like comparing apples and oranges. What I can say is that both are good apples and oranges in terms of customer friendliness.

Back to the expiry policy. Southwest Airlines has a loyalty points program called Rapid Rewards (one of my favourites) whereby its points never expiry so long as their is activity once every 24 months. The most customer friendly approach would be that points never expiry, regardless of activity. But at the very least, I believe that VIPorter can align itself with a similar airlines that also offers a customer service friendly service.


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