[ANALYSIS] Celebrity Cruise

I’ve been on the Celebrity Cruise once in the Caribbean and I really enjoyed the experience. First of all, if you plan on going on a Celebrity Cruise more than once, you should definitely sign up for the loyalty program called Captain’s Club.

Today, I will focus on Celebrity’s foothold in Canada. When I research for a cruise, I generally look at several factors especially: destination, size of the ship and year it was build.

The destination is an obvious one, you want to go where you want to go. The size is important to me because the bigger the ship, the more amenities they have. Since we are going to pay for the experience, mine as well get more out of it. The year it was built is important to me because I generally prefer newer ships. These are all personal preferences though.

There is only one departing in Canada, which is from Vancouver. From Vancouver, you will find 3 ships:

Celebrity Solstice

  • Destination: Alaska
  • Occupancy: 2850 guests
  • Inaugural Date: November 23, 2008

Celebrity Millennium

  • Destination: Alaska
  • Occupancy: 2138 guests
  • Inaugural Date: June 17, 2000

Celebrity Century

  • Destination: Alaska
  • Occupancy: 1814 guests
  • Inaugural Date: December 20, 1995

Just writing this post makes me want to plan a cruise. As you can see, my most probable choice would be the Celebrity Solstice.

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