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[ANALYSIS] Avis Partnership Program

Recently, I wrote about the Gold Plus Rewards program offered by Hertz car rental and its flexibility to transfer points to airline programs really caught my attention take into consideration travelling by car a little more often. For the Avis First Program, by signing up and completing your profile in My Avis, you will automatically be enrolled in faster reservations, rentals, and decreased wait time and will become an Avis Preferred member. After 12 qualifying rentals, you can then be enrolled in the Avis First Membership program.

Below are highlights of the Avis First rewards program:

  • You can Earn Weekend Rental Rewards which you can use them in any place at any time.
  • You will receive a two-day Weekend Rental Rewards with every fourth qualifying rental or two or more days.
  • You will receive a FREE one-car class upgrade based on availability at the time.
  • You will receive continued Avis Preferred benefits, which means lower wait times and a faster process getting to your vehicle.

The Partnership Program offered by Avis works a little differently than the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program. For each loyalty program, you will receive a set number of rewards based on that specific program. For example: if you’re an Aeroplan collector, you can earn a set limit of 500 miles per rental. If you’re a SkyMiles collector, you can earn 50 miles per rental day on rentals ranging from 1 to 4 days. For rentals over 5 days, you can earn a set limit of 500 miles.

The Avis Partnership Program is great for some loyalty program collectors, but for others, it may not be as promising. As I mentioned above, for Aeroplan collectors you will earn a set amount per rental. However, if you’re a SkyMiles collector, you can earn up to a limit of 500 miles. If you’re planning long road trip, it may be better to collect with Aeroplan as no limit has been stated. If you normally travel by car, the Avis First program is great.

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