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CAA Rewards and Membership Program

As a member of the CAA Rewards, you can earn CAA dollars to redeem them for membership renewal, vacation, travel merchandise and more. There are 164,000 participating retail locations globally including hotels, dining, event tickets and more.

There are three types of CAA Membership: Basic, Plus and Premier and you can upgrade at any time. CAA membership not only includes coverage for you in your own vehicle, but also includes insurance for your passengers and car rentals.

Below is some information on the three membership levels:

CAA Membership

In owning a CAA membership, it allows you to travel with ease as it protects you in with travel coverage. With the Premier CAA Membership, you get a few more benefits including towing service up to 320km, travel and accidental death insurance up to $500,000 and vehicle return benefit up to $500.

Every CAA Dollar you earn is equivalent to $1 CDN. Each time you present your membership card at any participating location, you can earn CAA Dollars. However, it is not very clear on the rate of earning each time you spend at a CAA Rewards location.

Personally, I have owned the CAA membership a couple years back but realized that it was barely used to its maximum benefits; mainly because I already have travel credit cards which give me the same type of coverage while earning more points placing purchases on the card. Though I do feel that the towing service and road trip assistance is a great tool; if you travel a lot by car, this can save you when you get stuck on the road.

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