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Canadian Airlines Layoff Across the Board

I was hoping that it would be not come to this. But airline layoffs are real. Personally, I really thought that there would be more “leave without pay”, so that they can retain their employees and slowly bring them back. But maybe there is more to the story if they want to cut their ties. I guess they can always hire them back later?

Anyway, here’s the current count to date. May airlines are careful to say that these are temporary layoffs, so the door is open for people to come back.

There is no telling how much worse this is going to get before it gets better. Will be following this news closely as I do hope that we see as many airlines as possible survive this crisis. Alternatively, before they go bankrupt, I do hope to see some mergers.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind seeing 3-4 stronger airlines emerge from this (due to mergers and acquisitions) rather than so many smaller airlines trying to compete with only 1-2 bigger airlines.

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  1. 6,900 workers laid off at WestJet out of 14,000 employees. However, 90% of the laid off workers will be leaving voluntarily.

    Reality. There were 4 choices to be submitted within 36 hours.
    Many wanted to stay on as benefits period was so short.
    Others who vowed to stay, were told those hired pre 2015 were fine. Reality is they went down to 2009! Many now lost inter line benefits and no choice but unemployment. Kind of like AC kissing quebec butt, WS kisses Calgary butt. Skelton crew. Bait and switch. Respect the seniority and benefits! All those years of hard work and following strict rules and thrown to the side of the road. Don’t get it.

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