[AIRLINE] Canadian North and First Air are in Merger Talks

Canadian North just launched its Aurora Rewards program this year. Now, there is a proposal to merge Canadian North and First Air. The two airlines even put together a website to cover the merger proposal. Usually when a company has a loyalty program, they plan to have a lot of business. To me, the creation of the Aurora Rewards program is an indication that Canadian North is ready to compete with the bigger airlines for market share.

The potential merger would create a single airline entity and should not result in job losses. This merger will put some pressure on our friends at Air North. This merger can potentially give them monopoly in the territories and pretty much keep WestJet and Air Canada out. This will be an interesting proposed merger that I plan to follow closely.

I understand that it is very difficult for some of these smaller airlines to remain sustainable, so I welcome the merger talks, so long as it benefits the customers in the long run. If some of these smaller airlines can gain more resources to compete with the bigger airlines, then I think customers will benefit.

I just hope that they do not gain a monopoly and completely overcharge the customers. So here’s hoping for a smooth merger that will benefit all passengers!

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