Carrot Rewards 2.0?

Remember the popular Carrot Rewards?

Carrot Rewards was an App that began in British Columbia and slowly expanded to other provinces. The App allowed members to earn rewards by achieving daily “steps” goals, including bonus points by teaming up with another member. There was also an amazing referral system, as well as earning rewards by completing surveys. But what I felt was the best benefit of Carrot Rewards was the ability to choose different loyalty program to bank your rewards to, such as: Aeroplan, More Rewards, Petro-Points, SCENE, etc.

Then it abruptly shut down…

But now… there seems to be new life. If you visit Carrot Rewards homepage, you’ll see this:

a screenshot of a carrot and text

Their Facebook page is even more intriguing with their most recent post on New Year’s eve:

a screenshot of a social media post

Disclaimer: Carrot Rewards already have a referral system in place when you sign up for the wait-list. So as a disclaimer, please support our site by clicking our referral link to sign up for the wait-list!

Looking forward to what they have in store!

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