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Which Credit Card Company I would Like to See Step Up Their Game

Outside of the top 5 big banks (TD, Royal Bank, CIBC, Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank), which control much of the financial industry in Canada, it is slim pickings thereafter. American Express has a decent foothold in the Canadian credit card market, but there are a few companies that can breakthrough if they made some bolder moves.

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Credit Card Strategy for a Falling Canadian Dollar

The Canadian dollar is really taking a pounding against the U.S. dollar, so what should we do for our credit card portfolio as Canadians? In the past, the best credit cards to use for all foreign based transaction is to use the Chase Canada credit cards, as most of them waived the foreign transaction fees.

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Top United States Credit Cards Offered in Canada (updated January 17, 2015)

A new United States currency credit card is being offered by Scotiabank, so I will be updating the list. I have also added the Desjardins credit card to the list as well. U.S. affiliated credit cards offered by Canadian financial institutions…