[DISCONTINUED] Chase Amazon.ca Rewards Visa Discontinued?

Just a few days after a write a post comparing the co-branded Amazon credit cards between Canada and the United States, it seems like it the Canadian version has been discontinued. Here is the official wording:

  • As of April 3, 2017, we are no longer accepting applications for the Amazon.ca Rewards Visa Card and there is no other way to get the card at this time.
  • For customers who applied before April 3 and your Amazon.ca Rewards Visa Card application was approved, Amazon.ca will send you a welcome email and will automatically add your Amazon.ca Rewards Visa Card as the default payment card for any purchases on Amazon.ca. You will receive your paper Cardmember Agreement and physical card in the mail within two weeks of being approved. After that, you can use your card to make purchases wherever your Amazon.ca Rewards Visa Card is accepted.
  • If your application wan’t approved, you may be advised that you need to call Chase Cardmember Services to provide some additional information for your application. Otherwise, you will be informed of your application status after Chase has completed its review process, usually within 2 to 4 weeks after applying.

The Apply Now button have disappeared on the Chase and Amazon websites.

The U.S. versions continue to be available for the time being. Though I do not think that their version is as unstable as the Canadian one.

This is actually extremely disappointing to see. I have been nervous about Chase Canada’s ability to continue to operate. It has been a slow decline, with the discontinuation of their products, such as Best Buy and Sears.

My question is, what does this mean for the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Visa Card, which already does not have an apply now button on the main Chase Canada website. You will need to use a special link instead.


  1. Matthew,

    Looks like banks and cards operating on “niche” markets realize that the some Canadians niche are to small to generate enough revenue

    1. Definitely a tough market for smaller companies with small marketing budgets to break into. It is too bad because those smaller companies have hidden gems that people will otherwise miss out on.

  2. This would be disastrous if they terminated all the accounts and left the country. Was considering Rogers/Fido MC earlier because of the 4% forex cashback but I’m sure with this announcement Rogers is going to change their products.

  3. It may not be on the Chase main page, but the 30k link is still on the Marriottpremier.ca

    I’m HOPING it doesn’t go away… there needs to be SOME viable competition in the no ForEx field!

  4. My Visa Amazon credit card will expire on August 2017.
    My wife’s Visa Chase Amazon will also expire on same month: this August.
    Hardly a coincidence.
    We used these cards for out of country travels.
    Thanks for your website.

    1. I’m curious to know if they will renew existing cardholders, but it definitely looks bleak.

  5. Hadn’t heard about this. I applied and was accepted on March 30th. The card which arrived in the post is valid until September 2020.

    1. Lucky! It stopped on April 3rd. Existing cardholders will have business as usual. So I recommend that you keep it for as long as they continue servicing it!

  6. I have an Amazon.ca Rewards Visa. I have a couple of questions.
    1. Where can I find the benefits to this card? I’m aware that I get 2% Cashback on Amazon purchases but that’s about it. Do I get the free ForEx that everyone is talking about? If you have all the details of this card, that would be greatly appreciated!
    2. Is there a Chase Canada app available? I downloaded Chase Mobile but it does not recognize my Canadian account.

  7. Hi Matthew
    Is there an alternative card you recommend with no foreign transaction fee and no annual fee?

    1. My friend told me the Costco credit card does not charge foreign transaction fee. However, it does charge annual fee. With cash back, my friend it is worth having it.

  8. Got the Chase Amazon card weeks before they discontinued new applicants. Love it so far. Really hope they don’t suspend existing accounts.

  9. Got this message when I logged on today: As of March 15, 2018, Chase will be closing all Amazon.ca Rewards Visa Card accounts. Please update your credit card information for your Amazon.ca account and for any pre-authorized payments before this date.

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