Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Visa Card Disappearing?

One of Pointshogger’s readers pointed out today that the “Apply Now” button for the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Visa Card on the Chase Canada website has disappeared. To make matters worse, I tried to give Chase Canada a call, but it seems like their phone lines have been cut. That being said, the link that provides the 50,000 sign up bonus is still active. I’m starting to worry a lot about Chase Canada. They seem to be phasing out of the country, with credit card discontinuations and customer service numbers not working.

I really hope that Chase Canada finds a way to survive. The Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Visa Card has a lot of benefits that I would hate to see disappear, such as:

  • $120 annual fee (waived the first year)
  • No charge for additional cardholders
  • Earn 50,000 points after your first purchase
  • Earn 5 points for every $1 spent at Marriott hotels
  • Earn 2 points for every $1 spent on airline tickets, car rental agencies and restaurants
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent on all other purchases
  • Earn 1 Free Night Stay at a Category 1-4 location after account approval
  • Earn 15 nights credit every year
  • Receive 1 anniversary bonus free night stay at a Category 1-5 hotel every year
  • No foreign transaction fees

The perks and benefits that come with this credit card outweighs the $120 annual fee, that is even waived the first year.

Chase Canada, if you can hear me, please stick around!!


  1. I am so glad I signed up for the card before this happened… Does this mean even cancellation will be made impossible since you couldn’t even call to reach them?

    1. I wish I knew the answer. That’s such a great question. There doesn’t seem to be a way to contact them.

    2. The Marriott card is not going anywhere according to the agent I’ve spoken to today. The reason they took off the “Apply Now” for the card was because Marriott requested it be removed. I suppose that still doesn’t answer the question why Marriott would do that–they want to leave the link exclusively through their website?

  2. I called the Chase Amazon line and it still works. Hopefully they can stay around, because they are the only Credit Card in Canada without foreign transaction fee.

    1. I guess the regular line works. The specific lines don’t seem to work. Perhaps they consolidated. Be sure to know which number actually works.

      1. I had this card and cancellled it before the AF kicked in. I spend my nights at the Marriott in Hong Kong and Chicago.

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