[TRAVEL] United Airlines Cracking Down on Oversized Carry-on Bags

Whenever we talk about Air Canada’s high fare prices, as well as taxes and fuel surcharges, I’ve always recommend that you use Aeroplan points with Star Alliance partners. One of the partners has been United Airlines. For the time being, United Airlines offers lower fuel surcharges, which makes their airline more attractive with this respect.

However, they have recently made a very unpopular move. They decided to crack down on over-sized carry-on bags.

Previously, people who are flying with over-sized bags can have the suitcase checked for free at the gate. However, the ones stopped at security must now go back to the ticket counter and pay the airline’s $25 checked-luggage fee.

Currently, United Airlines charges:

  • $25 for the 1st checked bag
  • $35 for the 2nd bag
  • $100 for each additional bag

Comparatively speaking, Air Canada charges:

  • Free for the st checked bag
  • $20 for the 2nd bag
  • $100 for each additional bag

All things considered, doesn’t look so bad with Air Canada!

As a result of these fees on checked bags, more and more people are using carry-ons only. However, with so many passengers shifting towards carry-ons, the overhead bins are getting full in a hurry. So now they are needed to put the carry-on bags in another cabin under the plan. All these issues actually slows down the boarding process. It also causes people to be more aggressive and competitive about getting overhead space.

All these issues would easily be solved if at the very least the first checked bag is free. Thumbs down to United Airlines on this move. I hope Air Canada sticks with its policy on one free checked bag. It is actually less annoying if the fee of the first checked bag is already embedded in the price of the plane ticket.

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