Equifax Goes Offline After Another Cyberattack

Here we go again (last time), Equifax has been hacked again. This time, they took a more precautionary move by taking their website offline.

Equifax is a company that keeps a record of your credit report and credit score. I am frequently asked questions like, doesn’t it hurt your credit score to have so many credit cards?

Understanding the credit scoring system is crucial in mastering the miles and points game. We have covered this topic extensively in the past.

Equifax’s database carries a lot of personal information, which can be used for identify fraud. So I am glad that they have taken a very precautionary step (by taking their website offline). I do hope that they find a way to increase their security system before going back online.

Here is a screenshot of their website at the moment, with instructions on what you can do:

a screenshot of a computer


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