[ANALYSIS] PC Plus (Part 2)

Loblaws introduced a new and exciting PC Plus points program. The increased competition is very welcomed in the points world; however, the holes in the program are showing up in a hurry. Just a few catches to look out for:

1) Many worthwhile promotions are through “targeted emails”. If you do not get the email, you do not get the promotion.

2) The website is not comprehensive enough. You actually need to be a member before you get access to the more useful information. Therefore, new customers will have a more difficult time informing themselves about all the benefits, terms and conditions of the program before signing up.

3) Not all items earn you points. For some reason, only specific items will earn you points and not your entire bill. We are not talking about the usual, postage stamps, gift cards, etc. exemptions. We’re talking about regular items. Basically different items on different days will be available to earn you points. So one item can earn you points this week, but maybe not next week.

It is confusing just explaining the exemption because the program is confusing. If you want to earn a steady stream of points, then sign up for their credit cards.  In short, I am not at all impressed with this new program. But on the bright side, I rather have this program around than nothing at all to increase the competition. There is obviously a lot of work that can be done to improve this program.

For now, some points is better than zero. But I would not go out of my way to collect PC Points. If you find another grocery store selling the same item at a discount, then I would go for the actual cash savings instead. The goal for me is more about reducing my overall bill rather than paying extra to earn points.


  1. So far I’m not impressed with the program. Having to load offers seems like an unnecessary hurdle for customers. Reward my loyalty to the store; don’t give me more work.

    1. Neither am I. Seems way too difficult to earn any significant amount of points. I wouldn’t go out of my way to earn these points.

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