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Loblaw Offering $25 Gift Card for Price Fixing

Loblaw pretty much admitted to price-fixing today. The Canadian Competition Bureau was alerted of this matter. The price fixing affected the George Weston’s bakery division.

However, the Competition Bureau executed warrants to search the offices of certain grocers to gather evidence, but said that there had been no conclusion of wrongdoing and no charges had been laid.


Pointshogger on CBC Talking about new PC Subscription Program

Loblaws is launching a fee-based subscription program for either $9.99 a month or $99 a year, which is suppose to give you more perks with the PC Plus program. I was asked to speak about this matter on CBC’s On the Money, which is now available online to watch.

I will also write down what was discussed and add a few nuggets that I did not have time to speak about.


Earn 50,000 Sign Up Bonus PC Points (expired on November 16, 2015)

We recently wrote an analysis about the new PC Financial World Elite MasterCard. At the time, the only thing missing was a sign up bonus. There is currently a promotion for 50,000 sign up bonus PC points. Below is a recap of the highlights of the credit card:

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Loblaws is One Step Closer at Taking Over Shoppers Drug Mart

The Competition Bureau approves Loblaw’s purchase of Shoppers Drug Mart for $12.4 billion. The condition is that Loblaws must sell 18 stores and 9 pharmacies to an independent operators. The transaction is scheduled to close on March 28, 2014. What interests me…