[ANALYSIS] PC Financial’s World MasterCard

If earning travel rewards is not for you, you always have the option of cash-back or earning points towards gas and groceries. With the President’s Choice Financial World MasterCard, you can easily earn enough points to use towards groceries.

Here’s the highlight of the card:

  • For every dollar spent at any participating grocery locations, you will earn 20 PC points.
  • For every dollar spent elsewhere, you will earn 10 PC points.
  • There is no annual fee for the card.

If you spend approximately $1,000 per month in groceries, you can earn $60 worth of groceries in six months. In other words, 10,000 PC points is equivalent to $10 in groceries. Conversions into a cash-back card, this is equivalent to approximately 2%, which is quite good for most cash-back credit cards. However, cards like the MBNA Smart Cash MasterCard do offer sign-up perks such as a whopping 5% cash-back for purchases made on groceries and gas within the first six months of sign-up; this makes the card more attractive than the PC Financial World MasterCard.

Although other cash-back credit cards sound a bit more enticing, the PC Financial World MasterCard offers a payout in $20 increments instead of $50 increments like most competitor credit cards. If you spend a lot in groceries, the earnings with the PC Financial World MasterCard will end in a higher payout as there is no monthly limit in cash-back earnings.

As a final note, the decision lies on whether you shop often at PC Financial affiliated stores or not as other cash-back cards will give you more flexibility in your choice of grocery stores.

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