Loblaw Offering $25 Gift Card for Price Fixing

Loblaw pretty much admitted to price-fixing today. The Canadian Competition Bureau was alerted of this matter. The price fixing affected the George Weston’s bakery division.

However, the Competition Bureau executed warrants to search the offices of certain grocers to gather evidence, but said that there had been no conclusion of wrongdoing and no charges had been laid.

As a gesture of goodwill (or some would say, a preemptive strike in case they are faced with a class action lawsuit) Loblaw is offering a $25 gift card. This is the wording on the gift card specific website:

Loblaw discovered that Canadians were overcharged for the cost of some packaged bread products in our stores and other grocery stores across Canada. In response, we’re offering eligible customers a $25 Loblaw Card, which can be used to purchase items sold in our grocery stores across Canada.

Registration for the Loblaw Card Program will open on January 8, 2018. Please check back then.

In the meantime, you can also provide your email address to receive a notice once registration has opened.

I must admit, the website itself looks questionable, especially because there is so little information on the website. They could have at least linked the press release from Loblaw themselves. Anyway, I submitted my email, we will see what happens on January 8.


    1. I am too. For now all they asked for is an email. Will see what happens afterwards. But it does have the link on the Loblaws media report.

      Worse case we forgo the $25 gift card and stop shopping at Loblaws.

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