Paying $25 for Popcorn at the Movies

Recently, I went to the movies with my girlfriend and I paid nearly $25 for popcorn ($24.85 to be exact, but let’s round it up). Needless to say, she flipped out! Here’s how it went down. The last 4 times we went to the movies I did not buy popcorn. I held off because of the price, but this time, I felt like indulging. I saw the different choices and prices. Combo 1 gave me 1 large drink, 1 large popcorn and 1 candy pack for $17 tax included (rounded up). Then I saw the Treats and Seats Combo for 1 large drink, 1 large popcorn, 1 candy pack and 1,000 Scene points for the $25. So I thought I was paying an extra $8 to get a free movie which I plan to use on an 3-D movie, which is worth $14. I thought I won because I was saving money for a future movie ticket.

I recently analyzed the Scene program explaining the value of it. But let us use my situation as an example for a set of calculations. Keep in mind that I recently cancelled my Scotiabank Scene Visa credit card (currently with 4,000 sign up bonus expiring on November 30, 2013). I cancelled because I do not plan on paying for movies for a long while because I have been converting my Air Mile points into movie passes instead, so the credit card had no more use to me and I moved on to other credit cards that give me a better return.

But let us say for the calculations that I did have the Scotiabank Scene VISA credit card. If I purchase 1 movie ticket for $14 and a popcorn combo for $25 (total $39), I get:

  • 100 points with Scene program for purchasing a movie ticket
  • 20 points for booking my ticket on the Cineplex website
  • 195 points for using my Scotiabank Scene VISA credit card ($14 (movie ticket) x 5 (Scene VISA) = 70 points; $25 (popcorn) x 5 (Scene VISA) = 125 points; 70 + 125 = 195 points)
  • 1,000 points for the Treats and Seats Combo

Total = 1,315 points (for spending $39)

The 1,315 at the very least gets me a free movie for $14 with 315 points left over. Divide $14 / $39 = around 36% return. The 36% is a fairly good return on the money spent.

If you value going to the movies, I really believe that the Scene program, in combination with the Scotiabank Scene Visa credit card provides a very good return on the amount spent. I really hope that Scene program and Scotiabank continue to remain competitive. Just because they have the edge now does not mean that they should relax. For now, thumbs up to the Scene program!

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