Hacks to Save Money On Almost Every Online Purchase

Today, we feature Samantha, who is a literature major who ultimately found her big passion by writing blogs about organizing your life and online affairs. She also enjoys playing guitar and going on hiking trips with her family. In this article, she’ll talk about buying stuff on the web.

These days, e-commerce is a bigger thing than ever before. We can safely say that more people are shopping for all kinds of products online than at any other point in history. And that’s a phenomenon that’s benefited both the vendors and the consumers. When the retail middlemen are cut out, one thing is certain — shoppers can get way better deals than they ever could.

However, if you’re a shopper who’s particularly deal-savvy; you can always find more ways of saving money. There are plenty of methods that you can use to save even more money on every purchase you make — and we’re going to explore some of the major ones right here! There actually might be more tricks out there to pay attention to than you might think. So without any further ado, let us just dive right into it!

Memberships and Credit Cards

When you’re buying something from an established website, they don’t just seek to get one purchase out of you. Instead, they want to turn you into a return customer; someone they’ll have a relationship with again and again. This may sound like a way for them to get more money out of you — because it is — but it can be beneficial to both parties. For instance, giants like Amazon or Flipkart have extensive loyalty and membership programs.

These are designed to provide incentives to users who keep coming back to the website. After you accrue enough “points”, you can count on free delivery without limits, early access in the case of popular but limited products, and even exclusive discounts.

Plus, many of these online stores cooperate with specific banks and their customers. So, depending on who has issued your credit card, you may have an additional bonus on account of that. When you combine the two types of bonuses, you can get a hefty discount on your ordered goods. As long as you use your credit card responsibly and don’t leave information with shady vendors, you’ll be just fine. And when you need a refund, this usually goes through much quicker if you use a credit card compared to a debit one.

Online Wallets

If you make use of online wallets in the right way, you’ll find that they represent an excellent way to save some money. For instance, plenty of websites provide users with an option to get a rebate on parts of their purchase if they continue buying through the store.

This is done through the titular ‘online wallets’ where the savings are stored for each vendor. Again, this is something you can combine with exclusive membership offers, allowing you to make your payments with further convenience. Pretty handy, don’t you think?

Cashback and Coupon Codes

There are plenty of formats through which websites make promotions in an attempt to keep people on their platform. In that vein, e-commerce retailers constantly offer coupon codes and similar promotional offers. These can be for specific products and product categories, or they can be blanket discounts for the entire catalog.

There are also cashback websites that pay you back a tiny percentage of each of your purchases. You shouldn’t confuse this with online wallets, because you don’t have to spend this type of rebate at the specific online store; you simply get paid to your account.

Cart Hacking

When people opt for an online product, they frequently put them in their proverbial virtual carts — only to realize that the price is simply too high for them and that they need to abandon them anyway. At that point, people leave the website with the product still in their cart.

Retailers have picked up on this long ago, and they have automatic algorithms that provide users who abandon products in their carts with specific discounts. This is something you can take advantage of.

If you find a product that you think you may get a discount for, just put it in your cart and leave, or wait on the website for a while. You may find a discount offer landing in your email inbox. For many people, this kind of life hack managed to work countless times.

Deals on Specific Apps

Many online retailers are looking to promote the usage of their iOS and Android apps. For that reason, they’re offering deals that are valid only for customers who use the app to make a purchase. Install the apps of your favorite retailers, and be on the prowl for deals that others can’t get.

And if you’re looking for specific products, don’t always go for the offer on the desktop version of the retailer website; even if the offer is good. Check out their app as well, and see if they don’t offer a lower price there.


One of the best ways to save money on online purchases is to combine cashback websites, bank offers, and promotional codes. And the real beauty of this method is — the more you do this, the more money you’ll save in the long run. Particularly when it comes to promotional codes and credit card offers, these tend to snowball into even larger bonuses and vouchers.

Combining the different methods of saving money on almost every online purchase will bring you the biggest satisfaction and savings. If you dedicate enough time to exploiting all of these hacks, you’ll find that even more expensive purchases don’t have to be held off for too long.


As you can see, there are plenty of mutually beneficial ways in which vendors allow customers to purchase products at lower prices. The most savings-savvy customers learn how to combine these and exploit them to their fullest effect — we hope that you’ll be one of them after reading this guide. We hope that you have learned something new today but most of all, make sure you are staying safe in these times we are all going through. Have a good one, guys!


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