Help Charity today by Travelling and Going Places!

It’s always nice to hear about great purchases where the proceeds go towards charity, so I want to share with you this opportunity I came across the other day where you can help several charity organizations by travelling abroad… in STYLE!

Luxury Travel Diary is currently holding an auction with vacation packages of many higher-end accommodations around the world to choose from. Some destinations include Canada, USA, Mexico, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Thailand, and many more. A number of these items are quite the bargain where they are going for a cheaper price than at face value (just hurry before they’re hiked up!). Albeit a UK auction, there is one Canadian based prize at the luxury Hastings House in B.C. Canada worth $1,400 CAD and currently on just £113, and plenty in the US including Hawaii. I think the aim of their event is admirable, and being able to travel and help those in need wherever they are just makes it that much sweeter… wherever you are. All you need is to register with them (for the purpose of contacting you in the event of winning a bid) and have a Paypal account to start bidding.

Profits will be shared between UNICEF, Julia’s House Children’s Hospice, Doctors Without Borders, and Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

The auction items start wrapping from today, so if you are planning to travel sometime in the near future anyway but just don’t know where, maybe this event can give you some vacation ideas (and at a bargain too!)

For more information check out Luxury Travel Diary Auctions as well as their FAQ section.

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