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[INTERVIEW] Air Canada Foundation’s Hospital Transportation Program (Points Matching)

Today we feature Valerie Durand from the Air Canada Foundation, who will share with us a points matching program for the Air Canada Foundation’s Hospital Transportation Program. Health care has always...

How Frequent Flyer Miles and Credit Card Points Helped a Refugee Find a New Home in Canada

Today we feature a guest writer, Cat Cooke, Marketing and Content Manager, from Miles4Migrants. You may remember from when co-founder, Seth Stanton, shared a story with us about how Aeroplan miles helped...

Pledge Aeroplan Miles to the Miles4Migrants Charity

Pointshogger contributor, Seth Stanton, who is a moderator on the /r/churning subreddit and creator of a charity called Miles4Migrants. He, like many of us, is also obsessed with collecting credit...

Help Charity today by Travelling and Going Places!

It’s always nice to hear about great purchases where the proceeds go towards charity, so I want to share with you this opportunity I came across the other day where you can help several charity organizations...

[READER QUESTION] Too Many Points?

This question does not come up a lot, but there are times when we have more points than we can spend. This usually happens more often if you have a lot of business expenses that you get reimbursed for....

Not a Fan of Collecting Points, but a Fan of Donating?

Often times, I meet people who think that collecting points is too much of a hassle, so getting a cash back credit card makes more sense to them. Less hassle and get back straight up cash. But then I also...

Canadian Pointshogger have donated! How about you?

We have just donated our Air Miles to the Canadian Red Cross for the Philippines Disaster Relief Fund! Every point counts and don’t forget that the government will match your donations to the relief...

Donate to the Philippines Disaster Relief Fund

You may all have already heard about the unfortunate disaster (Typhoon Haiyan) in the Philippines. If you are looking to donate to a charity, Air Miles and the Canadian Red Cross are teaming up. You can...

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