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[INTERVIEW] Air Canada Foundation’s Hospital Transportation Program (Points Matching)

Today we feature Valerie Durand from the Air Canada Foundation, who will share with us a points matching program for the Air Canada Foundation’s Hospital Transportation Program. Health care has always been a soft spot for us at Pointshogger, so thank you Air Canada Foundation for working on this initiative! 

1) Please tell us about yourself and your role with Aeroplan.

My name is Valerie Durand and I’m a spokesperson for the Air Canada Foundation. I’m responsible for our corporate social responsibility portfolio at Air Canada.

2) Tell us more about the Aeroplan Points Matching Week in support of the Air Canada Foundation’s Hospital Transportation Program.

Until December 5, 2021, Aeroplan members who donate points to the Air Canada Foundation Hospital Transportation Program will double the impact of their contribution as the value of the points donated will be matched, up to 500,000 points, by Aeroplan.

3) What can members do to participate?

To donate your Aeroplan points, members can visit www.aircanada.com/donatepoints and select the “Air Canada Foundation Hospital Transportation Program.”

4) Why would points benefit the hospital? How are the points going to be used?

Since 2003, the program annually donates millions of Aeroplan points to 15 pediatric hospitals across Canada to help children reach the medical care they need away from home.

Driving long hours can be strenuous for both the child and the parent, especially when several visits to the hospital are required each month or when treatments last several months. Travelling by air helps families avoid tiring hours on the road and alleviates some of the financial burden of travel expenses, which can cause serious economic and emotional hardship to families. This program is not only life-changing for the families, but it also gives them peace of mind while they deal with their child’s hospitalisation.

5) Any closing thoughts?

We are grateful for every point generously donated by Aeroplan members and for their ongoing support for this program. By alleviating some of the unexpected costs associated with their care and treatment, our goal is to help families focus on what is most important, the health and well-being of their children.

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