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Homeless and Inmates into Hotels?

This might be a weird topic for me to write about. But I am as huge fan of hotels in general, so I would like to see them stay afloat. So I have been following closely on stories about putting the hotels to use during the coronavirus lock-down.

I’ve already written two other posts about this topic:

Homeless to Hotels

I’m just looking to add more stories to the blog. The latest one is from The Globe and Mail: To spare the homeless from COVID-19, some cities look to hotels. Basically, as homeless shelters become overcrowded and hotel rooms left vacant, there might be some room to help each other out. The city of Toronto is looking into this option more seriously.

New York City has already put hotels to use: NYC isolating 6,000 homeless people in hotels to slow coronavirus spread.

Inmates to Hotels

There is even word to put inmates into hotels reported by Global News: More than 100 federal inmates, corrections officers test positive for COVID-19. The article states:

  • Lawyers and advocates have called for the release of non-violent offenders, with some saying they should be housed in vacant hotels until the pandemic clears.

Final Thoughts

Obviously not every single hotel can be put to use. There are also probably lots of details to work out for the hotel to make such adjustment to accommodate inmates and/or homeless people. But it does seem like the idea is catching on in general. CBC reported that people across the country have been isolated in hotel rooms over concerns of COVID-19. With so much talk about hospitals worry about lack of beds if this drags on, and job losses, I do hope that more hotels are put to more use to help the overall economy and health care system!

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